Petro Wood Saddle Necklace


Petro Wood Saddle Necklace

A one-of-a-kind slab of Oregon petrified wood hangs from hand forged rivet set saddles. Petro, the Greek root in petrified, meaning "rock" or "stone"; or literally "wood turned into stone" is the name given to fossilized remains of trees.

Oregon Petrified Wood, Brass

16'' chain length, 18'' with stone
stone measures 1 1/2'' tall x 1 3/4'' wide

Ttereve is a handcrafted jewelry line featuring hand-selected, one-of-a-kind natural stones, mineral specimens, and semi-precious gemstones paired with brass and copper metalwork. Produced in limited edition runs, and predominantly one-of-a-kind designs, focusing on organic and contemporary styling.

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