Hypoallergenic Ear Wires


Hypoallergenic Ear Wires

Have severe metal allergies? Add these to your order and I will switch the ear wires on your earrings to Niobium. Niobium is a pure natural element and often used in medical devices like pacemakers and joint replacements due to being extremely hypoallergenic. If you've tried silver, stainless steel, gold, and still had problems, niobium is your new best friend!
Does niobium look ok with copper earrings? Yes! Niobium is a neutral dark grey with coloring similar to the darkened antique patina on the copper.

Niobium (lead & nickle free)

Handcrafted to order, size and shape will vary according to style of earrings.

**These ear wires are only available to purchase as an add-on to your earring order. Should you already have a pair of Ttereve earrings and want to make a switch, please contact me. Thank you!

Ttereve is a handcrafted jewelry collection featuring one-of-a-kind natural stones, crystal specimens, and semi-precious gemstones paired with copper metalwork. Crafted in limited edition and predominantly one-of-a-kind designs, focusing on organic and contemporary styling.

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