Ttereve is a handcrafted jewelry collection featuring one-of-a-kind natural stones, crystal specimens, and semi-precious gemstones paired with copper metalwork. Crafted in limited edition and one-of-a-kind designs, focusing on organic and contemporary styling.


Cassandra Hackworth is a jewelry designer, metalsmith and lapidary artist living and working in the Willamette Valley near Portland, Oregon. A self-taught artist and avid rockhound, she shares her artistic passions by combining metal and stone into natural adornments.


"Rockhounding runs in the family and with my love of science and art, turning to jewelry design that highlights nature’s beauty was an instinctive progression. I was blessed with the opportunity to build houses with my dad and grandfather in my youth and credit this experience to much of the ingenuity being a self-taught designer requires. Oregon has a diverse geology and many of my agates, jaspers, and petrified woods are collected and mined within the state."



Metals - Copper

Copper is an essential element that teams nicely with the natural energies of stones and minerals. Taking a patina beautifully, copper is the ideal metal for showcasing the textures of Ttereve jewelry.
Organics - Stones & Crystals
Each stone and crystal is hand-picked and collected ensuring quality with a focus on one-of-a-kind specimens and unique colorings, shapes, and forms.
Frequenting the collection are Labradorite, Agate, Petrified Wood, Amethyst, Crystal Quartz, Kyanite, Aquamarine, Chrysoprase, Lapis, Rose Quartz, Fossils, Geodes, specimens showcasing druzy (an exposed crystal matrix), and many more!


The design process is a collaboration between shaping a stone to fit an idea and finding a stone that helps shape its own design. All pieces are created with a high level of detail and care, focusing on the process and handwork involved in each step. Predominately one-of-a-kind in nature due to the unique stones used, each piece also has different markings from the metalwork process. Hammering and filing marks are equal parts development as well as the overall design aesthetic. These imprints showcase the jewelry’s handcrafted authenticity and further impart a personal touch and organic feel. Each design requires different tools, materials, and techniques; often ranging from cutting, polishing, and drilling stones to hand sawing raw metal sheets, forming and hammering wire, soldering, the art of electroforming and any combination in between.
Electroforming is a mixture of alchemy, science and wonder. The electrical / chemical process of slowly "growing" copper over the course of many hours or even days, electroforming allows forms and structures to be sculpted around stones. Each piece is entirely unique and the copper takes on a more organic appearance not possible with traditional metalworking techniques alone.



Ttereve -
[tare-eve] named in remembrance of Cassandra’s grandfather. Also evoking the words "terra" for Earth and "Eve" for mother; as these works are gifts from the original artist, Mother Earth.
Rockhounding -
The study and hobby of collecting rocks and mineral specimens from their natural environment.

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